Polar Bear Conservation Award

The Polar Bear Range States Conservation Award is given out bi- or triennially at the Meeting of the Parties of the Polar Bear Agreement. The award recognizes individuals and/or organizations for long-term/extraordinary service and major contribution towards the conservation of polar bears.

To be eligible for the award individuals or organizations must have:

  1. Made significant contributions to the management, research and/or conservation of polar bears both nationally (home country) and throughout the circumpolar range, and

  2. Been nominated by a member of the Range States for long-term service and/or extraordinary service or major contribution to the conservation of polar bears or meeting obligations under the 1973 Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears.


The first Conservation Award was given to Dr. Erik Born in 2015, followed by Scott Schliebe in 2018Dr. Ian Stirling in 2020 and Susi Miller in 2023.

Member state contacts

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