Erik Born - Award winner 2015

The first Range State Polar Bear Conservation Award was given to Dr. philos.Erik Born to recognize his long-term and extraordinary service and major contribution towards the conservation and research of polar bears.

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Photo credit: Kristin L. Laidre
He has made significant contributions to the management, research and conservation of polar bears, on both national and circumpolar level. He was chosen as recipient based on his impressive career as a research scientist, advisor, teacher, ambassador for Greenland and an advocate for Arctic ecology. His research on arctic species, using both science and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), has provided an invaluable cannon of information and knowledge, which will help guide future researchers for many years to come.

IMG 1465 Cr2 Erik Born 2011 FotoF UgartePhoto credit: Fernando UgarteErik Born has been chairman of IUCN/SSC Polar Bear Specialist group (1983-1988 and 2009-2011), and has been chairman of the Scientific Working Group of the Canada/Nunavut and Greenland Joint Commission on Polar Bears from 2009 until he resigned. He has conducted a Traditional Knowledge Study on the Polar Bears in Northwes and Northeast Greenland, which is a foundation document for TEK research and methodology, and published a multitude of scientific research papers. Dr.philos. Erik Born has made an outstanding and commendable contribution, and stand as an important and invaluable source of knowledge and research on Polar Bear Conservation.IMG 2657Photo credit: Fernando Ugarte

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