Canada-United States

Memorandum of Understanding between Environment Canada and the United States Department of the Interior for the Conservation and Management of Shared Polar Bear Populations

Subpopulation: Southern Beaufort Sea.

Photo for CA UA Bilateral page 800Photo credit: USFWSIn May 2008, Canada (Environment Canada) and the United States (Department of the Interior) entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the conservation and management of shared polar bear populations. The purpose of the MOU is to facilitate and enhance coordination, cooperation and development of partnerships between the signatories regarding the conservation and management of polar bears. Under the MOU, a Bilateral Oversight Group was established in order to provide an organizational contact and to develop sub-committees or working groups, as required. The Oversight Group is made up of high-level federal government officials, representatives from Canadian and Alaskan Indigenous organizations and state/provincial representatives. The MOU also calls for a framework for the development and implementation of short-, medium- and long-term actions that focus on specific components of polar bear conservation. Participants will develop, implement, review and coordinate specific cooperative conservation projects and programs. Importantly, the two countries recognize the value and efficacy of the Inuvialuit–Inupiat Polar Bear Management Agreement for the Southern Beaufort Sea.

For additional information about the Canada-United States MOU, please visit Environment Canada’s website.

Source: Circumpolar Action Plan, Annex II

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