Objective-4 Deliverables

  • Polar bear sustainable harvest management white paper

    Photo credit: Christian Artuso

    A white paper entitled “Polar bear harvest management: defining biological sustainability, the components of a quantitative subpopulation assessment, and the components of a sustainable harvest management regime” authored by E.V. Regehr, E.M. Andersen, M.P. Galicia, S.A. Iverson, L.S. Mangipane, E.S. Richardson, F. Ugarte, S.P. Woodruff has been published on the Polar Bear Range States website.

    The purpose of the white paper is to provide consistent guidance while allowing co-management partners the flexibility to select harvest strategies that meet their specific situation and management objectives. The framework presented reflects the life history of polar bears and considers the current and future effects of climate change. It is based largely on a western science approach to harvest management and may not represent Indigenous-centered ways of defining or achieving sustainability.

    The white paper can be viewed and downloaded here 

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